"When light meets darkness" photography exhibition by Beatrice Sacco


Corinth, 7/8/2023

Corinth Exposed Photography Festival 2023
Alexandreio Conference Center / Loutraki / Isthmus of Corinth

The Corinth International Photography Festival 2023 in collaboration with the Corinthian Photography Club and the Peloponnesian Institute of Arts presents, at the Alexandrio Conference Center, the solo photography exhibition of Beatrice Sacco entitled: When light meets darkness.

The inauguration will take place on Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 19:30.

Exhibition duration: 9/9 - 16/9/2023
Working hours: Daily (except Weekend) 9:00 -14:00

When light meets darkness
Beatrice Sacco

I was always fascinated by the way magazines convey ideal and often distorted concepts, and how much something as simple as a publicity can impact our view of the world. So, I started developing many years ago a technique in the dark room, where I would be able to print a page from a magazine and let both sides appear to the viewer. The overlaps show interesting and unexpected connections in between the two sides of the page, put together by chance or mere organization of the magazine. The black and white also takes off the glossy feeling these pictures often have, leaving them in an obscure, liminal state. I then started to research and use old magazines, as I got interested more and more in the way this media was able to convey racist, sexist and non-inclusive messages so powerfully throughout the years, or override them sometimes. My goal is to use it to neutralize it, by both obscuring and putting into light the contradictions they stand for. This selection contains works from my second and third series of overlaps, the ones where I started to go deeper on both the meaningful connections and hidden messages contained into some of them. The connection of the bright and the dark areas want to be a suggestion for the viewer to dwell into their shades and dive into the fascinating meeting between light and darkness.

Beatrice Sacco
1993, ITALY

Academy of Fine Arts, Turin
Academic degree, second level, sculpture
Academy of Fine Arts, Turin
Teaching credits
Fluxlab e Gruppo Fotografico La Mole
Analog and digital photography courses
Academy of Fine Arts, Turin
Academic degree, first level, sculpture
Certificate in Advanced English
Liceo Classico Statale Vittorio Alfieri
High school diploma

Berlin Art Institute
July-October 2018
Artista di Quartiere
Turin, sponsored by Mibact
September-October 2020
Siilk Gallery
March-May 2022
Turin, Polytechnic University
September-October 2022

Mimesis Art
Turin, PAV, Parco Arte Vivente,
June 2014
Artists' Book Biennal
Naples, Castel dell'Ovo,
August- September 2017
Leipzig, Pittelwerke
September- October 2018
Passione Bi- polare
Venice, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa
November 2019
Speakers' Corner
Turin, Piazza Foroni
September 2021
Flashback Art Fair
Turin, Italy
November 2021
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Athens, Kallergi4
May 2022

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