Photographic dialogs 2023

Corinth Exposed Photography Festival 2023
Photographic Dialogues
OPENING: 17:00, Alexandreio Conference Centre 0.5 km National Road Isthmus
Loutraki 20300 Loutraki Greece Korinthia
Coordinators: The Art Director of C.I.P.F.2023 Anastasis Protopapas and Theodoros Stigas from PHOTOLOGIO

The Corinthian International Photography Festival on Saturday 9/9/2023 at 17:00 invites you to the Photography Dialogues at the Alexandreio Conference Hall. The guests of the artistic director of the festival Anastasis Protopapa and the co-founder of the photo portal PHOTOLOGIO Theodore Stigas who will present their work to the audience are the following excellent photographers:

Anna Dimitrokali
Lăcră Grozăvescu
Dimitra Kitsiou
Sophia Tsoumaki
Beatrice Sacco
Giorgos Vogiatzakis

The event will also be broadcast via the ZOOM online platform.


George Vogiatzakis

Giorgos VogiatzakisGeorge Vogiatzakis was born in Athens, Greece. He is a mechanical engineer and a photographer (MFA- Master of Photography & Visual Language).

His work has been presented in various photographic magazines and exhibitions (Benaki Museum, Photobiennale, Photochoros, Ikastikos Kiklos DL and others).

Three of his books have been published: in 2016 (in the “New Little Series” of Photochoros publication), 2022 (“Perpetual Motif” -self-publishing) and 2023 (“Residents” - self-publishing).

Personal webpage:

Anna Dimitrokali

Anna Dimitrokali My involvement with the arts began at an early age as I was one of the lucky ones whose school gave a lot of importance to visual arts and crafts. Throughout the school years, I was trained in something new from painting (pencil, pencil, pencil, tempera, acrylic), sculpture (clay, porcelain), collage, woodcarving, engraving on copper, painting on glass or metal, to batik, patchwork, knitting, embroidery loom and crochet... The stimuli were varied and many... thankfully! And my interest in the arts was so great that in the summer I also attended art classes for children at the Benaki Museum. I wanted to be a sculptor but my love for science won me over in the end. So I too went to England and after a few years of study and some postgraduate degrees later, I became a bioscientist and am now working in the field of primary health care.

I learnt photography from my father and throughout my teenage years I was constantly taking photos and never stopped even when the transition to digital photography happened. Then I decided that my knowledge was somewhat behind and decided to take photography classes at Global art studio in Corinth.

Since then I have attended many workshops, photography seminars and I have completed two editing courses. I am a member of Encounters and the Corinthian Photography Club, I have participated in several group and mixed photography exhibitions and I have managed to excel in some local and global photography competitions. My works have been published in print and electronic media both in Greece and abroad.

Dimitra Kitsiou

Dimitra KitsiouDimitra lives and works in Athens as a freelance consultant and project manager. She studied at the Electrical Engineering School of NTUA, holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and is a Certified Business Coach. She has been involved in photography since her student days, since 2018 more systematically.

Her first solo exhibition "Inverse Trajectories" was held in December 2021 at Luminous Eye gallery in Athens and she has participated in several group exhibitions. Her work has been presented in online magazines in Greece and abroad and in photographic events and groups. During the period 2022-2023 she collaborated with maintaining the column "1 di 2".

She has published the photographic album "Inverse Trajectories", Luminous Eye Editions, 2021 and the photographic zine "Fleeting Glances", self-published, 2019, and has participated in four other group publications.

For more information:

Sophia Tsoumaki

Sophia TsoumakiBorn in Samos Island Greece, Sophia Tsoumaki currently lives and works in Athens, as a Family Constellations facilitator, family counselor and holistic psychotherapist specialized in Trauma & PTSD therapy, as well as, a Yoga Therapist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, as well as a Certification in Communication from the Panteion University of Athens.

Photography is the way she expresses herself creatively since her student years. She has taken part in many group exhibitions in the past, as well as recently, while in 1998 she had her first solo exhibition titled “Innerworlds” at Doryssa Hotel in Samos Island Greece. Furthermore, many of her photographs have been featured in specialized magazines with which she was also collaborating as a photographer and journalist for many years.

The central focus of her photographic work is the individual and a more authentic and truthful way of connecting with oneself, others and the natural environment.

Ιn 2021 she self-published(a limited edition) her 1rst photobook titled ‘Light Matters’, expressing her personal experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

More info and photos at, Facebook page: Light Matters - photobook

Lăcră Grozăvescu

Lăcră GrozăvescuLăcră Grozăvescu is a Romanian visual artist who excels in the use of color combinations and texture, focusing on documenting space and the feeling implied by that space. With a unique sense of place and a fine eye for detail, the work of Lăcră focuses on finding the unusual in ordinary places.

Lacra expresses her vision of the world using mediums such as photography, painting, drawing, collage and film. She explores the connection between the external and internal and the transition from material to spiritual, from human to divine. Her work reflects personal experiences, analyzing topics such as anxiety regarding life and death, memory, the problem of human existence and the pursuit of meaning.

Beatrice Sacco

Beatrice SaccoBeatrice Sacco (1993) is an artist based in Turin. After two degrees in sculpture, she decided to explore photography by herself, working with both analog and digital photography. She has also worked with engraving techniques and many different media, trying to work on sculpture without ever sticking to a single material. Her practice wants to deal with the contrasts and contradictions, trying to show the fine line in between opposites, and their intertwined connection. She also wants to explore the role of memory and the impact of violence in past and contemporary society. She has exhibited her projects and has taken part in art residencies throughout Italy and Europe.

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